Friday, May 11, 2012

Haiku round two

Big Ass Fans was kind enough to send me a number of the Haiku-Poetry Deconstructed posters. After dispersing High Class Industrial Art to colleagues, I find myself with two remaining.

So, how about we have the first "BIG BAD Giveaway" ever?

Submit a Haiku about BIM, Architecture, Construction, Engineering, VDC (but not VD!)... anything AEC related really. A completely biased judge will review them and award a poster to the authors of the two Haiku that bring tears to his eyes (whether by tugging the heartstrings or forcing coffee out my nose.)

The rules:
Submit entries through the "Contact" link at the top of the page.  This will give me a way to contact YOU if you win, and will keep the entries under wraps till reveal.

I will accept submitals through 6/15/2012 to give time for word to spread (I'd hate for a lone entry to get stuck with two.)

Entries only valid to receive a poster if the total cost of shipping said poster is less than $15 USD. Big Bad BIM has big, empty pockets. My postal Code is 85028 if you would like to check. You may enter for the prestige of being a part of the inaugural Big Bad giveaway even if you do not meet this requirement.

 Big Bad BIM reserves the right to not post entries that are lewd or otherwise deemed inappropriate by above mentioned judge.  I'm asking for Haiku, not Limericks
Void where prohibited (not too worried here. Anywhere that would prohibit this giveaway, probably prohibits the Big Bad BIM in general, but just in case.)

No employees or family may enter (can't imagine the 4 or 2 yr old stooping to such levels, so this means you Mrs. Big Bad!)

Note: this is not at the behest of Big Ass Fans or affiliated with them at all. It's just a way to disperse some really cool swag they laid upon me. BTW, thanks again.

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