Thursday, August 16, 2012

National RUM Day!

Today is National Rum Day!

Who knew?

Apparently GQ knew (check out their article on "How to drink on National Rum day, or otherwise.")

I have a special regard for this derivative of the Sugar Cane industry.  And it hearkens waaaaay back.

In honor of my great appreciation for the drink of Pirates, Buccaneers, and Scallywags everywhere, here is MY recipe for Navy Grog.

(Read a fairly in-depth history of Grog here. Interesting stuff... Praise be Vice-Admiral Edward "Old Grog" Vernon, father of the Grog ration in the Royal Navy)


1 Jigger of Rum (I prefer dark. My favorite is Gosling's Black Seal -- Pusser's British Navy Rum is traditional)
Juice of 1/2 Lime
1/2 tbsp of sugar (Turbinado Sugar has a nice molasses flavor)
Water to taste (Lots of water is traditional, less makes for a better "cocktail.")
That's it. Nothing else.
Mix in the vessel of your choice. An old-fashioned glass works.  An old coffee mug is stealth. If you happen to have a marlinespike to stir with all the better. Yes, I do. ;)

Oh, and if you like Spiced Rum, why not take a break from the The Capt'n and try The Kraken Black Spiced Caribbean Rum Thumbs up.

Pics of  the Rum in my life.. :)

Some kid with lots of hair that looks like me. (Mystic Seaport Mystic, CT circa 2001 (beginning of the Rum-affair))

Hemingway left, Caipirinha (made with Cachaça, a sugar cane rum) right (The Breadfruit Phoenix, AZ)

Pina Colada left, Dark and Stormy right (The Breadfruit Phoenix, AZ)

Mrs. Big Bad (The Rum Bar at The Breadfruit Streets of Barbados Phoenix, AZ)

Some place I ate breakfast. Gosling's Black Seal in the middle of the page (Dallas, TX)

The Kraken hangin' by our palms. That was a CRAZY shipwreck (Phoenix, AZ)

The Rum Bar @ The Breadfruit (106 E Pierce St Phoenix, AZ)

Aaargh. The Big Bad BIM, not afraid of National Rum Day.

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