Friday, November 14, 2014

BIM Execution... again

Because it came up at work today, and because it's FroBack Friday let's link to a valuable tool for discussing BIM LOD requirements.

BIM Execution How-to

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Revit Technology Conference North America (RTCNA) 2014 Recap

Gangsters in Chicago

As the Twitter Hashtag #RTCNA slips from it's spot in the trending list, as 100's of BIMmers discover that,  yes, that was there last clean pair of socks, as we start to gather elusive receipts for our expense reports, I offer this stroll through the world of the RTCNA Reviteer. It's not always pretty, but everyone has fun...

So, what's RTC like?

<--Yeah, it's kinda like this-->

What's it all about? It's about Learning. It's about Sharing. It's about Teaching. 

And it's a about change...  as a matter of fact, the title of our Keynote this year was "The Future of Authority. Leadership in the Midst of Change."

Basically, we all get together and try to change our industry (and maybe even the world) by thrashing on Revit (OK,and each other) in creative and entertaining ways.

Inverse Kinematics (look it up) in Revit.
"Even the developers didn't know it could do that."

Scott Brown's "Friends don't let friends 'Split face and Paint' class about Revit for Interiors

Troy Gates teaches us to manage our models with Macros
Andy Milburn makes stuff others say can't be done
More coolness from Andy
Marcello says this is the swan song for the Revit Cow. Going into retirement.
Learning from our surroundings.
The Swag Bag charger instructions were an awesome example
of  "communication."

The people are what really make this event.  I was stunned when the attendees were asked to raise hands if they were there for the first time and about 80% of the hands went up. Very nice to see.

Old friends and new.  

possibly the best beard of RTCNA

Beauty and the Beast...?

Brain trust...
I think we need a rule about this much Revit knowledge
being in the same place at the same time... 

Gangsters were everywhere in that town.
Careful, that thing might go off.
They let anyone in here

In short, as much as learn and as much as we teach, we are all recharged by the company we keep-

Oh, and there was bowling... ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I love this post...

... but it never got much attention.

Hydronic Baseboard in Revit MEP (waaay back in 2009. I wonder if it still behaves the same?)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tame that BIM...

From the beginning, this site has been my attempt to make BIM, VDC, construction modeling, 3D, 4D and all the rest just a little more accessible.  In short, I hope when asked "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad BIM?" you can answer a resounding "Not ME!"

In that vein, I'd like to introduce BIM Tamers. They are here to whip your model into shape and support efficient and timely model creation and use.

Check out the introductory video below and sign up to learn more here.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Throw back Thursday (a day later...) it's all about Parameters.

With classic Big Bad lines like :
Skillful use of parameters are the difference between BIM and parametric modeling. Get some information in that model, by Jove. But, beware, not all parameters are created equal!
Pretty straight forward stuff really. Keep your mind organized while deciding what kind of parameters to use. Definitely do not listen to The Pogues while creating parameters. Save them for hardcore geometry modeling. Maybe spin some Yo-Yo Ma. Relaaaaax.

Parameters: Family vs. Project vs. Shared Family vs. Shared Project is worth a gander.
Have a great Memorial Day folks. Take a couple minutes and remember why we have Monday off.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In Remembrance- 09-11-2001

Never Forget...
All gave some, and Some gave all.

In Remembrance of the 2700+...

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Black Tot Day (a saaaaaaaaaad day in history)

Tomorrow marks the 43 anniversary of one of the darkest days in British naval history:

July, 31 1970-- The last day a rum ration was issued in the Royal British Navy.

Sort of the opposite of "Rum Day."

Out of respect, have a tot in memory of a grand tradition.  Want to go all out? Grab some of a limited supply of actual Royal Navy Rum Stock bottled and sold at Black Tot.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Retro Friday: BIM Execution How-to-

I'm bringing this to the top because I hear people talking about it almost daily.

BIM Execution Plans (BxP)are the foundation of you successful use of BIM. I'm given pause by how regularly they are just slapped together because they were "required on the project."

This is your roadmap folks. This is what you will point back to when the going gets tough.

  • When you have physical conflicts in the field, you will point to the model.
  • When you have conflicts in the model, you will point to the matrix that show what trade takes precedent in that situation.
  • When you have conflicts of interest and personality, you will point to your BxP. Or at least you should. You won't be able to if you didn't take the time to assemble it in a meaningful manner.

The document mentioned in the post below isn't about how to fill out your Modeling matrix, or who should do what task when. It's about how to have a conversation about these things. Consider it the form work for your projects foundation.

BIM Execution How-to  April 10, 2012

Your map to sucessful BIM projects

Friday, July 19, 2013

Retro Friday- The BIMWashers are still with us.

A post on the Linked In group "Epic BIM" (founded by the guys at Epic BIM, funnily enough) prompted me to look back at a blog post from waaaay back in 2009.

Sad to say, I could have written this post yesterday. I'm not pointing that my writing hasn't improved (that's a given) just that I still see these attitudes today.

I'm actually kinda surprised how many people are still in the "adoption" phase of some sort of BIM process. Even more surprising are those that are still debating the value and consider it the next "fad."  Eh, big ships are slow to turn I guess.

Enjoy some "vintage" Big Bad BIM...
BIMwash- the new snakeoil?