Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2ND Class no More! (well soon anyway)

Autodesk support recognizes that there is an issue with the system family "basic ceiling-generic." It seems that this family was created early in the development of REVIT and that the "normal" face of this family is the upper surface. The "normal" face is the surface that a "face hosted" object hosts too. This issue has been logged for change. Recommended workarounds were;

1. Mirror the fixtures using the ceiling as the mirror line. (Which is exactly the fix we used. With over 600 fixtures in the project we are grateful for the "select all instances" command.)
2. Create a family, type, or even instance parameter to deal with the situation.

I worked with the family a little yesterday afternoon and after fooling around with the constraints I was able to create a fixture that behaves properly when loaded into a project. It hosts and renders correctly, however it remains to be seen how it connects to an electrical system.

I have attached screen captures to show the issue more clearly. The recessed can and pendant light most clearly illustrate the condition. The rectangular fixtures are recessed and surface mount fixtures.

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