Monday, August 25, 2008

Vista's Snipping Tool

No, it's not a veterinary tool for digital pets. It's a decent screen capture tool that comes with Windows Vista.
To find it; Click the Start button>Select "All Programs">and navigate to the "Accesesories" folder.
If you have ever used the Print Screen funtion to show someone (through email or otherwise) what's happening on your screen you should really give this a try. The Snipping Tool goes beyond Print Screen in s couple of ways. First you get to see what you just captured. I don't know how many times I have said "Just press the button Labeled PRT SCR... No, don't worry that it doesn't seem like it did anything... No, you have to paste it into a document or an email first... Yes, I think they should call it "Screen Copy" instead of Print Screen too."
That aside, You also don't have to settle for a full screen capture that you crop in Word or Paint altough it does that as well.

You can also choose any open window to capture and you can annotate (with pens and highlighter, no text though.)

You can even crop a rectangle or use a free form tool.

So if you don't want to spring for SnagIt or some other screen capture program maybe you should reconsider that Vista upgrade you have been putting off... Well at least Revit runs fine on Vista despite our fears to the contary.

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