Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Family Type" Parameter in a Type Catalog

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Let's hope so fans. Of course I think the actual quote is "Absence makes the heart grow fonder... for someone closer." If that's the case, I hope my favorite Revit bloggers got a bump in readership. :)

In a comment on an earlier post, a reader asked if it is possible to drive Nested Families with a type catalog. In a subsequent email he issued a friendly challenge to prove that it can be done and show if a Yes/No parameter can also be controlled as well.

Nothing will get me blogging faster than a challenge. Thanks Matthijs.

What follows are links to a couple of quick video clips that I hope explain how it can be done.
(bonus: note that you can drive "instance" parameters with a Type Catalog)
Here is the Type Catalog. I always like to create and edit my type catalogs in Excel and then save to .csv format and change the extension to .txt. It's just easier for me.

As you can see in the second clip, I alternated each parameter value. Just make sure that you spell the "Family Type" parameter the way it appears in the value cell in the Family editor.
Oh, and the 0's and 1's? Binary, Baby! 0=No 1=Yes.

Good luck, and keep the challenges coming.


Erik said...

Seems the aspect ratio of the second video (the important one) is all wrong. I'll work on fixing that.

Dave Baldacchino said...

You're saying you CAN drive instance parameters through Type catalogs? I thought you can only drive Type parameters, hence the name.

Erik said...

You can.

Notice that both the "Backsplash" and "Handle Type" prameters have the (default) suffix. Also note that I change the value of those parameters in the project in the Instance Parameters. I should have placed multiple instances of that type to better show the condition.

I think that the "Type" in Type Catalog refers to the fact that you are grouping the parameter values "by type."

When driving instance parameters by Type Catalog, you are driving the "default" value.

jledoux said...

I have tried using a family type parameter in my host Type catalog but for some reason REVIT 2011/2013 is still kicking it with an error. "While loading Type 'CIS2/25', parameter 'ELECTRICAL_BACKBOX': refers to 'Raco Back Boxes : Masonary Boxes - Triple Gang 2-1/2"" Deep - RACO 692' which is not available in 'Quam - Intercom Stations'."

The syntax that i am using in the Type catalog is:
Raco Back Boxes : Masonary Boxes - Triple Gang 2-1/2"" Deep - RACO 692

Is this correct? or am i missing something.