Saturday, August 21, 2010

Can a Big Corporation Adopt BIM and IPD?

I often hear about how hard it is to get a “Big Ship” to “answer the helm” and “come about” on a new “course.”  Ok, maybe I’m the only one who describes it that way, but I do hear about how difficult it is for a large corporation to switch gears to use BIM enabled-IPD.

What if…

Your company didn’t have to switch gears? You have a long corporate culture of innovation and imagination…

You were already experts at 3D visualization? You whole customer base expects you to communicate your fantastic ideas using believable images.

Your company owned and operated millions of square feet of some of the most complicated facilities in the world? Some of your facilities contain systems that convey live cargo (Human cargo) at speeds above 58 fps with 0.50” tolerances between conveyance and structural steel members… (Wow! Guess who?)

How would BIM and IPD benefit you?

Go have a look at how Disney uses BIM (and has been using it for a while) presented at the NASA Info Tech Summit.

Move the slider at the bottom of the video to 50:00 time stamp for the beginning of Jack Blitch’s presentation or slide it over to 1:06 for the start of his discussion about BIM enabled-IPD.

Thanks to Jim Foster at BIM, the Built Environment and Stuff for bringing this to light. (Turn about is fair play.)

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