Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vico is hiring

For those looking, Vico has some interesting opportunities.

General Description

Vico Project Engineers are embedded in customer projects as project resources and perform standard Project Engineer tasks, powered by Vico Software tools. Project Engineers typically work on a large construction project for one or two years. After a successful Project Engineer project, PEs can become On-Site Project Managers and coordinate multiple Project Engineers and provide high level consulting to customer companies.

Check out the full description here.



Jerry Seitzinger said...

The jobs ask for a CV and cover letter. CV?

Erik said...

I should be clear. i have no affiliation with Vico. I'm just passing on an employment ad in a time when I know a lot of folks are looking.

I'm actually not sure what a CV is... but I have seen it in ads for employment in Europe and the UK.

I think it's another way to say resume.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Curriculum Vitae ie. resume

Erik said...

I knew someone would know