Friday, November 12, 2010

Reality Capture for REVIT

IMAGINiT has released an application that appears will greatly streamline and simplify creating BIM from Laser Scans. Until now, the process for importing a laser scan point cloud into a modeling platform was fairly convoluted. Enter Scan to BIM.
Just being able to import a point cloud directly into Revit would be useful, but this application allows the user to snap walls and openings to construction line crated from the point cloud, create pipes and ducts directly from the points.  This tool should greatly reduce the time needed to go from scan to as-built BIM.

Imagine... This

directly to Revit MEP...

Be sure to check out the video below.
Sales Flyer
Introduction Video


Beau Turner said...


Thanks for the mention, we are very excited to release the Scan to BIM product which supports Revit 2011 (all flavors). Having the ability to work with the digital point clouds as a reference inside of Revit coupled with geometry recognition tools really helps to streamline this process.

Keep up the great work,

Disclaimer: I am the Product Director for the Scan to BIM software and the Avatech Utilities for Revit

Erik said...

You guys keep up the good work! :)

Jason said...

Erik, I'm currently testing Scan to BIM. Overall I'm impressed but it could use some tweaks here and there.

BIMmanager said...

This is nice post . image is very good.