Thursday, October 8, 2009

C,c,c... What begins with C?

Columns, ceilings, calculated values all begin with C. (If you don't get the title reference I'm sorry. You must have lead a very deprived childhood.)

After many months of pounding the dangling "C" key on my trusty laptop (lets just say that laptops and small dogs don't mix)I have finally replaced the whole keyboard. Thank you EBAY! and thank you Dell for making a laptop keyboard so easy to replace.

If you under-appreciate the letter "C" (as I have for years) just try to write anything intelligent about Ceilings, or CalCulations, or ConCrete, or even just CAD without one.

While not as important as RSTLN & E (nod to Wheel-of-Fortune fans everywhere) "C" has a special place in our hearts (coronary) and minds (cerebrum, cerebellum.)

While this new outlook on a lowly consonant (or should I say a new way of "Seeing?") may not get me to blog more often (although it surely can't hurt) all the recent correspondence I have received in relation and regards to my Blog will.

BTW, if you haven't received a response yet, please hold out just a little longer. See I just got a new keyboard and...