Friday, July 26, 2013

Retro Friday: BIM Execution How-to-

I'm bringing this to the top because I hear people talking about it almost daily.

BIM Execution Plans (BxP)are the foundation of you successful use of BIM. I'm given pause by how regularly they are just slapped together because they were "required on the project."

This is your roadmap folks. This is what you will point back to when the going gets tough.

  • When you have physical conflicts in the field, you will point to the model.
  • When you have conflicts in the model, you will point to the matrix that show what trade takes precedent in that situation.
  • When you have conflicts of interest and personality, you will point to your BxP. Or at least you should. You won't be able to if you didn't take the time to assemble it in a meaningful manner.

The document mentioned in the post below isn't about how to fill out your Modeling matrix, or who should do what task when. It's about how to have a conversation about these things. Consider it the form work for your projects foundation.

BIM Execution How-to  April 10, 2012

Your map to sucessful BIM projects

Friday, July 19, 2013

Retro Friday- The BIMWashers are still with us.

A post on the Linked In group "Epic BIM" (founded by the guys at Epic BIM, funnily enough) prompted me to look back at a blog post from waaaay back in 2009.

Sad to say, I could have written this post yesterday. I'm not pointing that my writing hasn't improved (that's a given) just that I still see these attitudes today.

I'm actually kinda surprised how many people are still in the "adoption" phase of some sort of BIM process. Even more surprising are those that are still debating the value and consider it the next "fad."  Eh, big ships are slow to turn I guess.

Enjoy some "vintage" Big Bad BIM...
BIMwash- the new snakeoil?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Revit Technology Conference North America an Abridged retelling

Note:You would think I could have gotten this posted sometime yesterday, but as I was proofing I got involved in some good API conversation with Matthew Nelson (BIM Manager at Evergreen EDC @MattBeNimble) then lost WiFi and just never got to hit *post*  Better Late than never.

My plans to blog daily from RTCNA were shot down by spotty WiFi in the hotel room. I never had more than 15 mins of continuous connection.  Anytime I went to the lobby, I was far to involved in Revit/BIM conversations to think about how to capture the event on the blog.  Even now, as I sit in the hotel lobby, some of the best Revit minds in the industry are having off the cuff brainstorming and collaboration sessions as they wait their time to leave. Twitter tells me that the airport would be just as conversation rich.  So, I will try to capture the conference in a few paragraphs for now and expand later.

As far as sessions go, per usual, they were the top live learning resources on Revit and BIM in the wild available.  I did walk out of one class, but that was made possible by realistic representation of the course by the instructor.  They stated that "if you have ever done this task in Revit, you're not going to learn much here and anything you haven't seen before you could pick up from the handout." Great attitude at an intermediate to advanced technology conference.

Frankly, if you could only go to one Revit related conference a year, I would recommend the Revit Technology Conference closest to you. Seriously, The caliber of presenters, and the sessions offered will inspire the motivated beginner to seasoned professional alike.  I won't go into sessions specifics, but Revit cows and elephants, Data mining, Curtain wall modeling to fabrication and hacking Revit to bend to your will were found around every corner....

Vancouver and specifically Westin Bayshore had a lot to offer. Being a intimate event (440 registrants as opposed to close to 10,000 at Autodesk University (I'm sure if I'm far wrong on that number someone will let me know)) allows for a smaller venue with rooms and conference center within easy walking distance.  The RTCNA committee and Sponsor IMAGINiT snagged a great place for the Friday evening party- The Vancouver Aquarium.  Dolphin Show, open exhibits to wander, even tables nestled among sea-life exhibits.  Good times.

Anyway, more to come... In the mean time, enjoy the sealife--

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Revit Technology Conference North America (Day 0 Recap)

A Bad BIM, a Twice Roads Fool, a Revit OpEd, a Revit Tyeten, and a Revit Kid walk into a bar...

Wait, is this a joke?  Well, maybe... but it's also Revit Technology Conference North America 2013 (hereafter known as RTCNA) in beautiful Vancouver B.C.

Just about everyone has cleared customs or snuck across the border (as the case may be,) presentations were polished up into the wee hours of the morning (as bottles of spirituous libations were polished off (or so I've heard.)) and as the sun rises the AEC world waits anxiously to see how it's face will be forever altered.  Ohhhh, the hyperbole.... Seriously though, looking at the speakers list, the attendees, the topics and the venue, this conference is shaping up to be stellar.

It was great to touch base with old friends and new last night. I look forward to catching up with others as the week goes on.

My advice to get the most of this conference is directly hijacked from Aaron Maller; "Conference hard, play harder, swim faster, caffienate, and screw sleep. Sleep is for quitters."   Oh, and stay away from #TerminalD  ;)

See you around the hallways everyone. Let's do this.

Friday, June 21, 2013

3 ways to quickly Crop a 3D view in Revit...

Being able to navigate the model quickly in 3D will make you more efficient and put you ahead of the game compared to your coworkers who only work in plan and section.

The power of 3D views are often over looked by those who don't use them regularly and aren't comfortable navigating them or setting them up to show pertinent information.

In the video below you will find 3 ways to quickly crop a 3D view in a Revit model to the area or object of interest.

Note: This is a training video used by our staff at Devenney Group Ltd., Architects.

Visit us at Devenney Group

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just in Case...

Just in Case you hadn't heard...
Just in Case you don't know...
Just in Case your models need some super charging...
Just in Case your data needs some hard core crunching...
Just in Case mundane repetitive tasks have you contemplating a career in synchronized  water ballet coaching...

... there's CASE, Inc

Case, Inc's Subscription Tools  have saved me time and heartache since I purchased a seat a little while back.

An example would be when I use their Super Shared Parameter Loader to update a very basic family we use to schedule equipment in a project.

There were 36 parameters to load.
Each Shared Parameter takes 10 clicks to create in the family editor environment.
Total effort = 360 clicks at approx 3 seconds a click. 1080 sec or 18 mins.

Using the Super Shared Parameter Loader I was able to complete the whole deal in 5 clicks or 15 sec.


All of the tools included with the subscription, that I've had a moment to try, have had similar gains in efficiency or they allow you to preform a task that Revit just doesn't want to do. And they are continually adding more.

Who knew they have a sense of humor? (OK anyone who has spent more than a couple of minutes with them, especially in a Bar in Vegas...)

From their Delete Sheets, Views and Links tool

Click on the Links above. Buy software. Excel at life.

Besides anyone that has fluffy kittens on their error screen (you'll just have to get a seat to see) need all the monetary support they can muster.  ;)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The new phone books are here , the new phone books are here

Well, Revit 2014 has finally been released and is available for download at the Subscription Center.

I've opted for physical media, because, well, we don't have FTTP.

And if you didn't get the reference in the post title, may I suggest that you need more Jerks in your life.