Friday, July 19, 2013

Retro Friday- The BIMWashers are still with us.

A post on the Linked In group "Epic BIM" (founded by the guys at Epic BIM, funnily enough) prompted me to look back at a blog post from waaaay back in 2009.

Sad to say, I could have written this post yesterday. I'm not pointing that my writing hasn't improved (that's a given) just that I still see these attitudes today.

I'm actually kinda surprised how many people are still in the "adoption" phase of some sort of BIM process. Even more surprising are those that are still debating the value and consider it the next "fad."  Eh, big ships are slow to turn I guess.

Enjoy some "vintage" Big Bad BIM...
BIMwash- the new snakeoil?

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