Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just in Case...

Just in Case you hadn't heard...
Just in Case you don't know...
Just in Case your models need some super charging...
Just in Case your data needs some hard core crunching...
Just in Case mundane repetitive tasks have you contemplating a career in synchronized  water ballet coaching...

... there's CASE, Inc

Case, Inc's Subscription Tools  have saved me time and heartache since I purchased a seat a little while back.

An example would be when I use their Super Shared Parameter Loader to update a very basic family we use to schedule equipment in a project.

There were 36 parameters to load.
Each Shared Parameter takes 10 clicks to create in the family editor environment.
Total effort = 360 clicks at approx 3 seconds a click. 1080 sec or 18 mins.

Using the Super Shared Parameter Loader I was able to complete the whole deal in 5 clicks or 15 sec.


All of the tools included with the subscription, that I've had a moment to try, have had similar gains in efficiency or they allow you to preform a task that Revit just doesn't want to do. And they are continually adding more.

Who knew they have a sense of humor? (OK anyone who has spent more than a couple of minutes with them, especially in a Bar in Vegas...)

From their Delete Sheets, Views and Links tool

Click on the Links above. Buy software. Excel at life.

Besides anyone that has fluffy kittens on their error screen (you'll just have to get a seat to see) need all the monetary support they can muster.  ;)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The new phone books are here , the new phone books are here

Well, Revit 2014 has finally been released and is available for download at the Subscription Center.

I've opted for physical media, because, well, we don't have FTTP.

And if you didn't get the reference in the post title, may I suggest that you need more Jerks in your life.