Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Step Closer to Model Based Code Review

Solibri announces $21 Million dollar technology grant to North American Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) to acquire their software for model review.

 Scottsdale, AZ, 10 Dec 2012 - Solibri, the global leader in model-based QA/QC technology, through its U.S. operations has established a $21 million grant program that North American Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s) can use to acquire Solibri Model Checker technology and receive assistance incorporating Building Information Models (BIM) into the digital review process. Interested AHJs are encouraged to apply for the technology grant immediately at the Solibri website (www.solibri.com), following the link for AHJ Grants.

Full press release here.

Direct link to Grant Program page.