Friday, July 26, 2013

Retro Friday: BIM Execution How-to-

I'm bringing this to the top because I hear people talking about it almost daily.

BIM Execution Plans (BxP)are the foundation of you successful use of BIM. I'm given pause by how regularly they are just slapped together because they were "required on the project."

This is your roadmap folks. This is what you will point back to when the going gets tough.

  • When you have physical conflicts in the field, you will point to the model.
  • When you have conflicts in the model, you will point to the matrix that show what trade takes precedent in that situation.
  • When you have conflicts of interest and personality, you will point to your BxP. Or at least you should. You won't be able to if you didn't take the time to assemble it in a meaningful manner.

The document mentioned in the post below isn't about how to fill out your Modeling matrix, or who should do what task when. It's about how to have a conversation about these things. Consider it the form work for your projects foundation.

BIM Execution How-to  April 10, 2012

Your map to sucessful BIM projects

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caddguru said...

Having a pecking order is a good start. However, great designs come as a result of not playing favorites but making choices to improve and simplify a building systems design.