Monday, September 8, 2008

Minneapolis-St. Paul CSI and the Minnesota Twins New Ballpark

The Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institutes's (CSI) monthly meeting featured a presentation by members of the MN Twins' new ball park build team from Mortenson Construction (I hope they will forgive me if they read this, I'm REALLY bad at names.)
Their presentation was on how they are using BIM to coordinate structural concrete and steel, MEP and Fast Track Construction. Along with that, the site for this ballpark presents some extraordinary challenges. The stadium cantilevers over an active railroad line to one side, a major highway to another, two existing parking garages and then... there is the underground stream that lives in an existing box culvert that flows through the middle of the ballpark. With 3000+ driven pipe piles be sure you don't hit THAT. I wish that we had more time with them to really dig into what and how they are doing on this project.

Check out a one year time lapse of the construction so far.

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