Thursday, October 9, 2008

Upside Down Revit Lights FIXED

Back in July, I posted a thread about lights hosting to reference planes UPSIDEDOWN here and here. I have wanted to post this fix for awhile. Reference planes have a top and a bottom. Light fixtures (and other objects) host to that "normal" surface. When you draw a plane from right to left, fixtures host correctly. When you draw them from left to right, the "normal" surface is up and the light hosts upside down... I guess in actuality the plane is upside down and the light is normal to it. Why host to a plane in the first place... well read the above links for more, but you could lose all of your work if the ceiling in a linked model is deleted and your hosted to it. However, it seems that has been fixed recently.

Anyway, enjoy my first JING video that tries to explain what happens.

Note: One of the issues in those past posts was that the System Family "Basic Ceiling: Generic" behaves like a reference plane. Unfortunately you don't get the chose how the ceiling gets placed in the model.

It seems that JING videos don't scale so I can't embed it. Follow the link.


Steve said...

Reference planes have a "head" and "tail"...the head is where the name appears. When we sketch reference planes the positive direction of extrusions is to the "left" of the head as long as you orient yourself so the "head" is "up".

Reference planes in family templates already...behave exactly opposite...just the way it is...

Erik said...

Boy, it wouldn't be Revit if they didn't behave differently in some instance. ;)