Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012: a Big Bad Year?

The  Mesoamerican Long Count calendar (sometimes called the Mayan calendar) is coming to an end this year.  The most hyped phenomenon related to this event is The End of Days.  You probably were aware of this (unless you don’t have access to The Discovery Channel, BBC, History Channel, NPR, or the Internet.)

Anticipated by some, is a period of enlightenment where people and social conditions change for the better (again tied to the ending of the Mayan calendar.)
What will happen in the AEC industry this year?

Will we see an End of Days scenario in which the down economy forces more firms to close up shop, fewer firms taking the “risk” of adopting new technology and process, and a “tightening of belts” that equals razor thin margins across the board?

Or will we see an Age of Enlightenment in which Designer, Contractor and Owner work together using IPD, BIM and other collaborative tools to create efficient, quality facilities on time and under budget?

It remains to be seen what the coming year will bring. Personally, I think the ending of the Mayan Calendar is more akin to the comic below than anything.
While I really like the idea of the calendar continuing forward, “business as usual.” This is becoming increasingly less and option for our industry.  Let’s make this a great year!

The Big Bad Bim doesn’t fear the Big Bad Year

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