Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reality Capture Magic

The good folks at Sensopia have an awesome little iOS application that is going to change how we capture existing condition floor plans.

This FREE (!!!!!) app captures floor plans of rooms as you drop "markers" in the corners and at doors.  It's not really photogrammety.  You're not taking pictures.  You are capturing points through your view finder using the compass and gyroscope built in your device. Then you stitch those rooms together into a floor plan.
Add multiple floors and BAM (not BIM, not yet.) As-Builts.

How accurate is it?  I haven't confirmed yet. There is a calibration feature.  And I'm sure like most tools, a majority of the how accurate the output comes from user input.

It truly is amazing.  After a half hour or so of playing with it, I think I could put it to pretty good use.  And that was without watching the tutorials (that's not pigheaded manliness, it's just that intuitive (OK, oink.))

I'm going to try an capture the new palace sometime over the next week.

Watch the videos.
Download the FREE app
Capture your world. (FYI, you do have to create an account with Sensopia.  Aren't we all used to this by now?)

Maybe they will develop an app that captures the faces of walls and stitches those into a BIM (model, for you kitten killahs.)  That would be something...

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