Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stop saying Revit can't...

Them; "You can't schedule Wall Height in Revit."
Me; "You want them to the nearest whole foot?"

(Hint's in the post label...)


Anonymous said...

Will do when REVIT can do Plumbing and Fire.

Erik said...

Touché. Better than it was, but still not good.

Erik said...

On the other hand, this seems like just the opportunity some hotshot developer needs to make a killing.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, its always nice to have to buy an add-on package to get a piece of software you purchased to function the way you want.

Can I interest you in my add-on package that lets you add text to Microsoft Word?

Erik said...

Point taken, but... the OTHER Anonymous made a reference to "doing Plumbing and Fire." I assumed they meant "when Revit becomes more efficient at the way I want to do it." Revit "Does Plumbing and Fire" now. Super Efficient? Automagically? Push to CAD/CAM? Nope. Place pipes and fixtures in a virtual environment and have them facilitate engineering calculations? Yup.

So, buy a plugin that allows Revit to add pipes? No. An app that makes Fire Protection design easier and automatically allows engineering data customization that accommodates various local codes? Heck yea!

Buy a plugin that adds text to Microsoft word? No. One that automatically creates a bibliography instantly? You betcha.

And maybe they would even be free... hmmmm. The possibilities of Tribe building are endless.