Friday, June 29, 2012


Great Keynote yesterday. A "Fireside Chat" with Dick Morley and Brad Holz. You may know of Dick, and if you don't you should. Developer of the PLC (Programable Logic Controller) and the ABS (Antilock Breaking System) among others things.

It was a free flowing, stream of consciousness education that covered topics ranging from how to effect the world consumption of oil by 5% (copper cored steel motor shafts that make bearings last at higher temps) to why Dick never got to develop an orange sorting system (did YOU know they paint oranges for visual consistency?) and Javahoe (not a "lady of the night" that hangs out at Starbucks, but a full size Backhoe controlled over the web. )

Learn more about Dick here and visit his site It will blow your mind. "Dick doesn't think outside of the box, he doesn't recognize that there is a box."

Oh, and thanks to Evergreen Marriott Resort for having muffins with my name on them.

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