Thursday, July 22, 2010

Surveyor come Modeler

As Builts… Existing Conditions… Field Verify… All of these require at best a Professional Surveyor (at best, unless it comes out of your pocket) at worst a couple of schmucks with a Tape Measure. Hey, I’ve been on both the "smart" and “dumb” ends of that tape and the whole process can be a frustrating, error filled, slog to get as much information as possible.

Wouldn’t it be an awesome fairytale land if you would just use a device (like a laser or ultrasonic “tape” measure) to grab measurements from a space and have it start to populate a BIM with that information?

Well, it’s no fairytale. POINTKNOWN emailed me today with an update on the surveying-to-BIM software PKNail. While PKNAil isn’t quite ready for commercial consumption, this video on YouTube is quite promising. Amazing actually. I can hardly fathom the time savings of direct to model measurements. I hope there claims of 300% times savings pans out.

Drop by their website for more information.

Edit: Darn, I should check my Blog feed before I post. Steve at RevitOpED beat me to it. Curses, foiled again! ;)

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