Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Forcing YES/NO parameters

A reader's email asks:
Hi Erik,
I saw your tip on the CAD Shack blog about formulas in Revit. Here's
the link to the blog:
I have a question for you that you might be able to solve. I am making
a new window and I want to have the option to turn the visibility of
the sill on or off, depending on the type of window I use. I have
nested the sill into the family, and I have assigned a visibility
parameter to the sill, but how to I assign a formula to be able to
turn it on and off? You wrote on the CAD Shack blog about 1=0 and 1=1,
however I'm lost as to how you enter these into the formula column?!
I would really appreciate you advice on this.


That was someone else's comment ( tucker_arch ) but I think what they are trying to say is :

If you set a Yes/No parameter to have a formula of 1=0, Revit will return <False> or an unchecked Yes/No parameter. 

The formula doesn't have to be 1=0, it can be any false statement... 10<230, (1*2)=10000000000, I can dance!  (well maybe not the last.)  

Making a true statement will result in a "Checked" box.  1<2, 1=1, etc etc.

Now just paste the true formula into the formula cell of the types you want to HAVE a sill and the false formula into the types you don't.

I wish tucker_arch had an account or contact info so I could have asked what they truly meant.  If that's you (or you know tucker_arch) let me know and I'll add your comments here.

Gladly helping readers with Big Bad BIM... daily.


Anonymous said...

@tucker_arch on Twitter

Erik said...

Thanks Alan J,
I let him know we were talking about him. :)

tucker_arch said...

Erik most likely that is what I meant. It really is just a trick to quickly to either yes or no quickly when you have multiple types in the family.

It may be you want the sill turned off by default once the family is loaded, but because maybe you added the parameter after you created types you can use that formula input to make the parameter value consistent.

Erik said...

Thanks for the comment Tucker. And thanks for post inspiration. That's always appreciated.

tucker_arch said...

No problem and thanks for inspiring me to get bring my profile up to date.