Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Revit Technology Conference North America (RTCNA) 2014 Recap

Gangsters in Chicago

As the Twitter Hashtag #RTCNA slips from it's spot in the trending list, as 100's of BIMmers discover that,  yes, that was there last clean pair of socks, as we start to gather elusive receipts for our expense reports, I offer this stroll through the world of the RTCNA Reviteer. It's not always pretty, but everyone has fun...

So, what's RTC like?

<--Yeah, it's kinda like this-->

What's it all about? It's about Learning. It's about Sharing. It's about Teaching. 

And it's a about change...  as a matter of fact, the title of our Keynote this year was "The Future of Authority. Leadership in the Midst of Change."

Basically, we all get together and try to change our industry (and maybe even the world) by thrashing on Revit (OK,and each other) in creative and entertaining ways.

Inverse Kinematics (look it up) in Revit.
"Even the developers didn't know it could do that."

Scott Brown's "Friends don't let friends 'Split face and Paint' class about Revit for Interiors

Troy Gates teaches us to manage our models with Macros
Andy Milburn makes stuff others say can't be done
More coolness from Andy
Marcello says this is the swan song for the Revit Cow. Going into retirement.
Learning from our surroundings.
The Swag Bag charger instructions were an awesome example
of  "communication."

The people are what really make this event.  I was stunned when the attendees were asked to raise hands if they were there for the first time and about 80% of the hands went up. Very nice to see.

Old friends and new.  

possibly the best beard of RTCNA

Beauty and the Beast...?

Brain trust...
I think we need a rule about this much Revit knowledge
being in the same place at the same time... 

Gangsters were everywhere in that town.
Careful, that thing might go off.
They let anyone in here

In short, as much as learn and as much as we teach, we are all recharged by the company we keep-

Oh, and there was bowling... ;)

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