Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blu Configurator: BIM Online

An innovator in offsite-manufactured homes, Blu Homes is using an online 3D home configurator to allow buyers to to choose between different models, options and finishes in their unique line of homes. Click the image below to get started


Some will say that this isn’t BIM, but  just a 3D model.  However, I’ve said before that a powerful part of BIM is being able to communicate a space to an owner in a way that they can easily digest. Visual information is still information, so I deem it BIM (we can argue later.)

Blu Homes is innovating in other ways as well.  Watch as the delivered “MOD” is unfolded  after being delivered.  Folding the house for shipping saves considerable cost by reducing the air shipped.  Nobody wants factory air anyway.

After you’ve wasted whiled away spent some time configuring your favorite model, take a couple minutes and learn about their philosophy and watch some more of the videos.

Blu Homes- not afraid of taking the Big Bad BIM to the factory.

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washington manufactured homes said...

This is simply awesome. New technology for New Age homes. I'll give it a try..