Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CASE APPS does it again…

Sticking to their promised monthly release cycle, CASE has given us their newest free application: “Reusable and Sharable Selection Sets.”
I’ve only had a few minutes to dig into it, but it shows some real promise.  Select objects in Revit, launch the app and create a selection set from it.  Now you can reuse this set to reselect the items at any time.  Cha-ching, instant efficiency.
The set lives on your local drive, but can be shared with other users as a .txt file (if I understand it correctly.)
This is very similar to the little known (but ultimately useful)  feature that allows you to do exactly the same, but use those sets to create View Filters. I haven't seen how to create a filter from the set, but I could just be missing it.
  Sidenote: I have always found it strange that the Structural platform programmers haven’t shared this little tidbit with rest of the crew.  Why are Criteria based selection sets the only sets available in MEP and ARC?  I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent trying to write they perfect View Filter to select a very specific group of objects.  If I could only select those items and save that set… ah CASE to the rescue.
So, go get it while it’s hot.  CASE- taming the Big Bad BIM.

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