Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Construction Animation

I have been perusing the myriad of 4D/ Construction sequencing/ BIM marketing animations on YouTube in an effort to spark my creativity for some marketing material of our own.

This is one of my favorites. The slightly cartoonish quality conveys thought without being set in stone (it also implies a moderate amount of time was spent on the project, although I know that isn't true.)  I also like the mixture of detailed Construction activity animation (such as the aqueduct sections being hosted by the traveling gantry) combined with the overall 4D whole project animations.  Hat's off to Intellibuild.

Intelibuild- capturing the Big Bad BIM on "film."

Edit: fixed missing video embed.


InteliBuild said...

Thanks for featuring our video on your blog.
We used Revit Structure and Navisworks for the VDC part of this project. If you would like to learn more, please email us at

Erik said...

Outstanding use of Navisworks for animation. I wouldn't have thought that was the application used. Some Synchro in there as well?

InteliBuild said...

Hi Erik, for the higher quality animation presentations, which are typically for the owners/developers benefit, we transfer the Revit files to Maya and do the animation and rendering in that application.

We do limited rendered animation in Navisworks as it as limitations compared to Maya.

For now, we have not used Synchro.

Our main objective is to use Revit & Navisworks to collaborate with the construction engineers and planners to determine the best sequence and timing for the works. Once the methods and program are figured out, we pass the project over to the animation crew if it is needed for presentation purposes.