Friday, February 3, 2012

BIM, Prefabrication and an Amazing timeline…

30 floor hotel.  360 Hours.  15 Days.  A half a month.  You’re a hotshot builder, using BIM and offsite fabrication to reduce waste, control quality, and shrink construction timelines? Well here’s the project to beat.
  • 5 times more earthquake resistant than conventional construction
  • 5 times more energy efficient
  • 20 times more pure air

Is this all on the up and up?  All the claims truthful?  Who knows, it’s YouTube.  I didn’t verify the timeline. Nor did I look into what was the scope of “Completion” in the claim of 360 hours. But I do see systems installed in the floor joist space before delivery to the site.  Even finish materials like tile and ceiling panels.
Don’t think about what might be “fudged” in the video (like the clock stopping at 360:00:00 but the skin isn’t complete.)  Be inspired.  Produce something awesome.  Let’s put solid, proven, offsite fabrication and efficient manufacturing techniques to work in the AEC industry. Let’s move out of the Dark Ages and into the Present. 
YouTube- inspiring the Big Bad BIM  to dream of Erector Set like building production, for efficiency and productivity.

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arvind said...

this is a good example of a team work .....