Thursday, February 2, 2012

Adoption of BIM by Owners

In response to a thread on Linked In about the future (and current state) of BIM in FM:
I'm always interested when I hear someone say "They don't want..., He doesn't need... or She couldn't use..." when it comes to something that gives more that what's traditional.  I this case I am talking about using a BIM for FM.  I've heard the same argument in other conversations as well.
When we get to the heart of things, what's most often meant is "That's too expensive." or "It will bog me down, it's not fast enough."  Sometimes these opinions are not fact based, only assumptions.


But, assumptions or arguments backed up by hard fact, they express genuine concern about CHANGE. I don't think someone can truly say Owners/FM/Maintenance staff wouldn't want a data rich, 3D BIM... if it cost the same, and was easier to use than their current solution.
Unfortunately I haven't seen proof of the existence of a solution that even allows the maintenance tech to access the data in a BIM.  But when that solution becomes available it WILL be used.
There's the paradox. Which comes first? The chicken or the egg? The expression of need or the solution? This is why disruptive change is EVOLUTIONARY to start. Until the Tipping Point is reached. Then the REVOLUTION happens.  Viva la revolution!
Don’t be afraid of the Big Bad BIM-FM, join the Revolution

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