Saturday, January 14, 2012

Navisworks Animation Bug

I don't know if the bug is in the program or in the user ;) but the effects sure are apparent.

Does anyone know why this is happening?  Or how (or maybe if) it can be fixed?

The Big Bad BIM is afraid of annoyed by Animation


Anonymous said...

Without having the file to dig through, it looks like the objects were rotated around different pivot points and using different axis (local vs. parent). I haven't run into a bug producing similar results (yet), so maybe redo the animation and double check you are using a single animation to rotate all pieces when the excavator turns. An extreme example of what not to do would be selecting each piece of geometry, rotating and moving it, then trying to match it with every other piece at its final destination.

My best advice is to use 3d studio max for animations like that :) . Being able to use a bone system to animate is priceless.

Erik said...

3DS Max test in progress. I'm lovin' it. :)